Friday, July 6, 2012

Size Does Matter

Living LARGE by thinking small

We have rented a cottage 
walking distance
to downtown St Helena in the 
Napa Valley

It's sweet and it's teeny 
Less is more
less house = less maintenance=more free time

A narrow staircase leads up to our lofty little bedroom

Without the BIG house responsibilities 
we have been inspired to take road trips , explore and discover..

A perfect way to begin the day is
in neighboring Sonoma at
The Fremont Diner

Fresh eggs laid by resident hens  

or why not bread pudding ?

...and the Tamales- YUM ! for breakfast or lunch

Winding  through the Sonoma countryside 
towards the Pacific Ocean
vineyards give way to old barns and poultry sheds
that dotted the landscape before 
wine became a cash crop

Small towns

Reminders of other times

Chicken Ranch Beach is small and sheltered

...and just down the road
on Tomales Bay 
the quaint community where
summer homes are handed down 
 from one generation to the next

A "two horse" town

one grocery store and Vladimir's, the local bar 

it even boasts a yacht club 

Here there is every intention to keep things 
small because size does matter

... but I can't imagine that the Inverness
post office will be here much longer

A great overnight destination is Nick's Cove in Marshall
where small individual
cottages hang over the water's edge. 

Small is beautiful

In-room massages are available 
after a day of hiking, fishing,  kayaking , cycling
or even after doing not much of anything

The restaurant serves delicious local farm 
fresh products
and of course
the famous oysters of Tomales Bay

Visit the oyster beds and 
see how they are cultivated

Continue north along the coast road 
and you will pass THE HERITAGE HOUSE
a once divine retreat in Little River, 
made famous by the 1978 movie

Sadly the inn appears to be closed and ramshackle 
a sign of the times
but rumor has it that it has been bought 
and will reopen summer of 2012
Let's hope

star in the 1978  comedy
A couple of strangers  meet at the inn and become lovers,
returning once a year for their romantic tryst

Rent the movie -
it's worth watching  even if you have seen it before

Great  writing -Great acting

If you were not even born in 1978 watching 
it will give you a  window into a past era

The village of 
Mendocino on Bodega Bay
is the quintessential small town 
A Hollywood favorite 
for filming anything featuring  a small,  quaint seaside locale
 either east or west coast - so suspend your disbelief

Shingles weathered by the salty wet air
An old lighthouse leads to safe harbor


The thriller was filmed in Mendocino

(AKA mother of actress Melanie Griffith)


Hitchcock referred to THE BIRDS
 as the most terrifying movie he had ever made.
You may never look at a sea gull the same way again

also filmed in Mendocino
The hit television series supposedly unfolding in 
a fishing village in Maine ran for twelve seasons 

Onward to the land of the GIANTS

Folk hero,  Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox
A lumberjack of epic proportions

In 1850 there were 2 million acres of Redwood forest in California
Today there is less then 5% left of that old growth.

Reclaimed redwood barn siding 
used for planking an exposed ceiling

Redwoods can live to be 2000 years old giving them 
plenty of time to become columnar giants 

The Giant Redwoods

Redwood trees thrive along the California coast 
which is often shrouded in fog.  
They absorb 30% of their required moisture through their foliage 
and the condensation of fog that drips to their roots.

A fallen Redwood 12 feet in diameter hosts 
all kinds of symbiotic ferns and mosses

Tree trunks so broad that a full size SUV can drive through them
The tallest recorded Redwood is  379 feet tall- 
taller then Big Ben in London

Thinking BIG we confront the dilema

Which way to go next?
Day trips could become more then simple overnights

Prepare to be surprised.

Happy trails

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KAthy said...

How inspiring and what a fabulous journal/journey! I want to get in the car and follow your lead!