Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think Pink

La Vie en Rose

Even Mother Nature is Thinking Pink in time for Valentine's Day-
                                                                      at least here in Northern California.

Seeing life through rose-colored glasses ( la vie en rose) is not such a bad way of viewing things-

positive and upbeat...

I need to get me a pair of those!

EDITH PIAF 1915-1963

 La Vie en Rose,  the quintissential French melody Piaf popularized, has become 
synonymous with her name.

Close your eyes- 
hum a few notes and you will be transported to Paris
pink with cherry blossoms

Piaf's story from triumph to tragedy as France's most popular chanteuse
is chronicled in the movie LA VIE EN ROSE
stars brilliantly as Piaf

February is the PINKEST Month of the year

Pink is everywhere..
and yet it's a color often  misunderstood.
 Don't think it's just for little girls...

 ... and sweet confections

Almost everyone looks good in pink . 

Runway fashion trends for Spring 2012 

though this babe would look good in anything

There is nothing sissy about  pink.

...though they may not run out and buy one of these
In 1957 Audrey Hepburn starred in FUNNY FACE with Fred Astair

The fashion show sequence, with a wardrobe designed exclusively for the beautiful Audrey by Hubert de Givenchy,  makes the movie worth watching.  
Somehow even the incongruous pairing of Fred and Audrey as love interests works in this 50's romantic comedy.


Home fashion follows the runway so expect to see more pink in interior design,
but skilled decorators have always used pink in sophisticated and chic interior design---

San Francisco Interior Designer  JAY JEFFERS 
credits this photograph with launching his carreer into high gear.
"I couldn't resist throwing this hot pink throw into an all white scheme."

POP !!!

and another  hot pink throw adds punch and actually helps the eye focus on the view beyond

In his own home Jay added a  contemporary hot pink coffee table in a relatively traditional space, making it young and "happening."  Jay says this was  "during my David Hicks phase."

"I learned something during this project.  
In some cultures pink has no feminine/masculine references. 
Pink does not mean that it is soft or girlie... It's just about vibrancy."

'Hot Pink is the Navy Blue of India'

Photograph courtesy of GRANT GIBSON

Interior designer, Grant Gibson understands  the lush and energizing
combination of hot pink and tangerine orange which he has captured
 in the photograph of one of his tabletop vignettes.
A young girl's room is anything but frilly in PINK
mixed with bold graphic  dashes of black and white.

Since 1991 when the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out PINK RIBBONS this has become the internationally recognized symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It symbolizes hope for the future and the 
general goodness of people and corporations. 

Encourage mamograms
Donate as generously as you can
Pass this on and encourage your friends to do the same

Wishing you all a sweet Valentine's Day

For a deliciously easy way to sweeten life try this recipe for


6     Tablespoons butter
1     Cup heavy cream
1     Cup tightly packed light brown sugar
1/3 Cup regular granulated sugar
1    Cup sifted unsweetened cocoa
1    Tsp. Vanilla
      A pinch of salt

Heat the butter and cream over medium heat until butter is melted and small bubbles begin to form around the edges.
Whisk in both sugars and cooking and blending  until smooth
Add remaining ingredients and continue whisking until fully blended.

Remove from heat and serve warm over ice cream or Profiteroles

Sauce can be made ahead and stored in refrigerator for as long as 2-3 weeks. Rewarm to serve

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