Saturday, December 31, 2011


For every season there is a purpose ...

A mist hangs over the hills shrouding the trees in a veil of invisibility.

How grey is my valley...

A lonely leaf hangs tenaciously on  bare vines
...a  pile of oak leaves will soon crumble to dust and return to the earth

and dry thistles will be mowed down

rusted smudge pots waiting ...
to be put to frost prevention service among the tender vines of spring

Rusted relics of  harvests past

a  few  remaining apples ,  food for  hungry little creatures 
seeking sustenance in winter

and a decaying rose defying time
clinging to the bud of it's youth

a sagging roof

an old worn mosaic floor oncovered in a 19th century bank building
now The Harris Gallery in Healdsburg, California

All these  images of age I see so clearly for their beauty


 - year's end-
the passing of another season ...


and right next to the decayed rose
 a new bud ever hopeful , confident
spring and new beginnings are just around the corner

The sun will emerge through the clouds and a new day will begin

PAINTING from The Harris Gallery

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to us with such generosity of spirit
as we travel the difficult road of closing down Summer Hill Ltd.  Your support has been 
overwhelming. True friends have emerged and bonds have been strengthened.

Our sincere apologies to those we have disappointed or let down. These are circumstances out of our control. We gave it our all...

Before condemning another
you must first walk a mile in their moccasins

May the new year bring you good health, love, and hopefully a bit of prosperity.

"Since my house burned down I now own a better view of the rising moon"
Mizuta Masahide Japanese poet and samurai 1657-1723


Suzanne Tucker said...

How poignantly beautiful, Rela... A lovely closure to the year that was. Spring, with it's new life and renewal, is not far away.... Bessos

alexis handelman said...

oh are as inspiring as that and those who inspire you....may you continue to find the sad beauty, the glorious decay and the twisted roads that turn them into new, more profound statements of that which surrounds our life here in this magic valley. May you enjoy a peaceful, warm and joyful New Year with those whom you hold close...

Anonymous said...

So bittersweet, but with your usual elegance and grace. I hope that you keep blogging your exquisite pictures and wonderful insights on design.